About Cross Continental

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Cross Continental (XC) on Lightbringer-US is an international daytime / off-time Alliance guild. We finished WoD HFC 12/13 mythic.
We are recruiting a few more dps for our Daytime Raiding Team. Please apply to the guild if you are interested.
We are not a hardcore raiding guild, but we do take raiding seriously! We all have enough stress at work, let’s make sure to keep our game-time as enjoyable as possible and free of drama!

Guild News

Mythic: Inquisition

by Aphiis, 282 days ago

Mythic Inquisition


Nice job on Mythic Inqusition. This encounter demonstrated clearly that it is quite possible to over-think things! On to Harjatan!

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Mythic: Goroth

by Aphiis, 291 days ago

Mythic Goroth

Congratulations on our foray into Mythic Tomb of Sargeras and thanks to all who contributed!

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